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Moon Productions is a physical theatre company. In our theatrical productions we are bringing together artists with different means and backgrounds and from different nationalities to create beauty and spread good vibes together. Our devised theatre performances combine many art forms, innovations and techniques. We work together with actors, directors, writers, painters, musicians, designers etc. You name it!

In Moon Productions we pursue theatre both through traditionally psychological and contemporarily physical means. The combination of the old and new and the fusion of different art forms is visible in the aesthetics and the content of the plays created, produced, directed and performed by the various artists collaborating with Moon Productions.

The things that Moon Theatre values the most and wishes to emanate are honesty, purity, precision, diversity and goodwill.

The things that Moon Theatre values the most and wishes to emanate are honesty, purity, precision, diversity and goodwill.

What is physical theatre?

Physical theatre pays special attention to physical expression of the moving body. The stories or the abstract experiences are primarly expressed through physical movement. There are many innovations and techniques to adapt to that kind of theatre - gesture, mime, mask, objects, light and shadows, dance, acrobatics, butoh, yoga etc… Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that the words are completely missing from a theatre of that kind.

There are many physical theatre plays where the text has a great importance, just like in traditional drama theatre. The storytelling is accompanied with the counscious expression of the actor’s physical body. There are physical theatre plays where only a few words are used and there are also plays with no words at all.

What is the difference between physical theatre and dance? – Theatre, either consciously physical or not, is always psychological and focuses on human relations. Relations to each other or nature or society or universe or spirituality etc… Dance can be dramatic like theatre, but it’s mostly not psychological. Physical theatre may contain dance and choreography, but the focus is always on psychological relations.

Besides theatre productions we also provide physical theatre workshops for both professional theatre artists and everyone interested in conscious and expressive movement of the physical body. Check out our theatre courses on our “workshops” page.

We started dealing original fine art after the live performances of our first stage production "Lingua franca". The devised play was performed 12 times and during each performance 4 to 5 abstract paintings were painted live by a Mexican paintor Leno Morfin. After this experience we decided to continue dealing the original artwork by other artists also.

We really do feel that the most important values of any kind of art form are honesty, purity, precision, diversity and goodwill. What you give is what you get – give LOVE!

We are not interested in producing as much shows as possible and selling as many tickets as possible. We are interested in sharing good vibrations as we see that this is what the whole world is missing right now. There are so many great souls in this world devoting their lives to make the world a better place, but there’s still so much sadness and negative vibes around us. Let’s open our eyes and give our very best as individuals – let’s devote to love in action. No need to fight for anything. Let’s just do all that we do, including any everyday actions for the purpose of creating better feelings in everyone around us. We produce theatre with love, You do your thing with love. Act of Love. That’s enough!

If You have either a ready-made project or a piece of art or just an idea of something that fits with our values and You're looking for a way to make it happen - let us know and we'll help You to find the right opportunities to spread the beauty!

Share the good vibes!


Making visible the invisible!

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