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Moon Productions believes that simple things are what matter the most in life. In order to feel good, fresh and always ready for whatever a new day will bring one needs to have a good base – have a good sleep, eat well and MOVE IT!

We provide movement workshops with different emphasis to a large scale of people with different backgrounds and needs, although we tend to think that our needs don’t really differ that much – cause all we really need is Love!

Ok, back to the gross reality – we have these physical bodies that will get very tired and weak if we don’t treat them right. Why not combine the needs of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual? – By learning how to express yourself and keep balance with the counscious movement of the physical body you’ll have a chance to use the technique as a tool to keep your more subtle bodies in balance too. Use your physical body as a tool to get to know more about the living-thinking-feeling-loving entity inside it! Or just keep fit by getting to know some good tips to move yourself in a creative way!

We also provide theatre courses for professional performing artists – actors, dancers, performers etc… Check out our list of workshops below.



Different workshops for professional theatre practitioners and others who are interested in getting more conscious about their physical body through theatrical movement.



Workshops for people on a sitting job.



Private classes for anyone in need of physical improvement or guidance.



Private classes and co-operation in theatre projects (for professional theatre practitioners).



Creative movement workshops for children.


We are happy to organise creative physical workshops in view of your particular needs and ideas.

To get an idea, please do check out the list below of custom workshops we have organised beforehand:

  • Company’s winter- and summer days (and other special events) – it is a beautiful way of getting people connected and focused on the common goal of your company! Good for them and good for your business!
  • Active birthdays (for grown-ups and for children) – an extremely high-spirited way to spend an awesome birthday by having fun in the most healthy and loving way!
  • Motivational workshops for people with a fear of being on stage.
  • Physical workshops for the disabled (blind, deaf, accessible…).

Check out our upcoming events to join the ride or get in touch if you are interested in organising a custom workshop!



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